The Westinghouse Brake

Plenty of you (because I’m supposing you’re all geniuses) are aware of the arguably unattributable (King Solomon? Buddha? Lincoln? Miette?) aphorism, idiom, and, notably, universally applicable phrase “This Too Shall Pass.” Well, it’s been an unannounced mission for years to find another cluster of words of universal applicability and universal truth. And today, on a walk, I spotted a shop whose name is:

Everything 99 Cents or Less… And Up.

And with that, one more of life’s little desires is ticked off the to-do. And for our next trick, Soviet Social Satire!

2 thoughts on “The Westinghouse Brake”

  1. I’m an older woman new to these electronic tricks. Will this message really reach Miette who now reads me to sleep every night ever since I met you here on my new white machine? I found you when I searched for sleep solutions, needing a way to turn an active brain passive. You are a miracle worker! I dose off and then, refreshed with a good night’s sleep, I listen to the end of your story with my morning coffee. Thank you for my nighttime dreams and daytime enlightenment. You are delightful. Maura

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