The Hour of Letdown

What we’ve got going on here, for those assiduous enough to parse their eyes over these words (and I suspect that I’m not speaking about many of you, that most of you just download the listening bits, which is quite all right) — but for those of you reading, I thought I’d thank you with a nice double feature, off the books, Easter Eggy, as is known in certain dialects of geek, or maybe just Miette the Shrewd rearing her head to test the loyalty of the likes of you. Reading on? Here’s the link to a top secret hidden-tracked bonus-featured extra-special helping of podcastery just for those who read.

5 thoughts on “The Hour of Letdown”

  1. Miette:

    Have not written in a long while… but then again I have not “banged-out” an email to my parents in some time now— tisk-tisk!!

    I do though want to again- thank you for your wonderful Podcasts (great idea – loband option).

    xoxo Paulo
    ps Thanks for the EASTER EGGY… as geeky/nerdy/shrewd/astute you may be… you are though my favourite… READER-RABBIT!! 🙂

  2. Sorry, off-topic: I was reading your FAQ/InFAQ and noticed you mentioned the cost of bandwidth for downloads. I’m not sure how much it is costing you per month, but many podcasters have gone with libsyn – – for bandwidth needs. You can pay as little as $5/mo or up to $30/mo for unlimited bandwidth (the difference in price is based on the amount of storage you will need).

    Hope this helps, I enjoy your podcast.

  3. If bandwidth is a concern, why not convert the files to mono? They’d all be half the size they are now and sound exactly the same.

    Oh well. Fabulous as always, Miette! 🙂

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