One’s Ship

The news today tells us that a respected literary journal (not to be named here) has just released a list of names they consider to be The Best Young American Novelists, and among them, a full third of these names have not yet had a novel published. And that’s kind of odd. Now, in other forums you might find your Miette boxing soap on matters like this, but here, I was genuinely tempted to call this one of the Best Young American Bedtime Story Podcasts, but instead, replay today’s weather. The gap-toothed grin of fortune talked me out of such brattiness, but still, if my name doesn’t appear on tomorrow’s list of Best Young Designated Hitters, there’ll be hell to pay. Send a nudge to your sources.

7 thoughts on “One’s Ship”

  1. Did all of this story get uploaded? The version that got downloaded to my server cut off in mid-sentence. Is it really only 13 minutes long?

  2. Sounds too like you were experimenting with the audio again. Seemed to be a bit low in volume, and a bit muffled, like you had tried applying some sort of noise supression a bit too liberally. I don’t know that’s what it was, but that is what it reminds me of.

  3. Keen ears on you anon and your assessment is right on– with fancy new audio boxes with lots of flickery lights and knobs, the temptation for thorough Goofing Off sometimes proves unassailable.

    Kiwi: the story ends in mid-sentence because in the 1960s, experimental fiction writers were sometimes easily distracted, or sometimes just did things like end stories in mid-sentence for the sake of experimental fiction.

    Johnny: thanks for noticing.

    — Mtte.

  4. hi miette —
    I like your voice and the way you read my story “one’s ship” — one problem, tho — you must have read it from an early unedited ms — the sentence with the word “shithead”, as well as a few other sentences, were deleted in the final authorized version in my story-collection titled “phantoms” (e.p.dutton, 1970) — please check it out — the word “shithead” in the context of this particular tale is jarring and misplaced and I hope you will see fit to edit your recording accordingly — all the same, thanks for a good and intelligent reading — really … thank you very, very much — this is a good thing you’re doing —
    forward march,
    bart —

  5. Hi Miette — yesterday I sent you a message about my story “one’s ship” — the ms you read from has material that had been deleted from the final version — you can find that version in my story collection “phantoms” — if you cannot get a copy of that, let me know, and give me an email address to contact, and I will send you the correct version in an attached file —
    thanks again for an intelligent reading — it surprised me —
    bart midwood

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