How the World Was Saved

A delivery truck pulled out in front of me the other day, freshly deflowered by a graffiti artist who chose to express him- or herself by relaying the following, in big blue caps:


Which is nice, but only kinda. And some advice to other budding young taggers in need of epic gestures of romance: maybe you might consider keeping the paint safe in the can until you’re a little more sure of things, right?

And if that specific Sarah is reading, I’m sure he or she was just having a moment. I’m sure you’re loved, totally!

4 thoughts on “How the World Was Saved”

  1. A little ornithologist told me it might be a birthday of a certain podcaster we all know and love. Happy one!

  2. Well Scatterbrain, you can go a whole lot more wrong than the Cyberiad.. if my recommendation’s worth it’s weight in the heavier metals, you have it in toto. I’d love to hear what you think when you make your way through to the back cover. xoxo — mtte.

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