Herbert Goldstone, what are you going to tell me about him? Writes crazy sci-fi about thinking machines more human than man. This story in dozens of brilliant anthologia. Very little else to be found. The wiki draws a blank. This story is not a drop shy of Wondrous. And so, Internet, how about a little game of Be My Research Assistant?

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  1. As a professional musician, I am reasonably certain that within my lifetime, such a thing would be possible. There is already a computer program that is able to improvize melodies, solos, chord progressions, etc. You just tell it you want something that sounds a bit like Miles Davis, and it will generate a song in that style. You can give it the exact same instructions a second time and it will create a completely different song in the same style. Granted, at this point in development, it still sounds rather mechanical and un-heartfelt, but yikes.

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