2 thoughts on “The Fly”

  1. Hello!
    You can’t imagine how this podcast made my evenings more interesting than ever! If you agree with me, you can check out the facebook group called “miette’s bedtime story podcast” to share your experience.See you.

  2. Dear and Precious One called Miette,

    I would like to tell you ” big, big, big, merci ” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I adore spend the time in your company.
    Each time I listen to you I become a child in some magic world….. If you could see my figure when I’m listening to your readings…., oh boy!

    I never realy learned english, but listining to your podcast it seems to me I can understend everything, it seems than I even can speak english as well as you! ………….héhéhhé……!!!!!

    Merci for your kindness and your humor, your talent and your passion for what you are doing !

    I send you all my affection

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