Were I a listmaker, and perhaps I am, you would be the warm recipient of many reasons to be grateful when the internet goes for broke on Bloomsday. This list, were I to make one, would include the subcategories: FOR ME and FOR YOU. Topping the FOR YOU list, were such a thing to exist, might be an extended two-day belated story from Dubliners, a way of bloody-marying your hangover into oblivion.

And in the FOR ME column of our imagined list, not in the treasured top slots but up there, would be the gift of Joycean spam upon a digital reemergence: boltmaker stippled scrapy heartedness burgoo overplentiful unended hydrophobous.

6 thoughts on “Eveline”

  1. Hello,
    I really enjoy listening to your show. However, I am disappointed that some of the older installments seem to be no longer working. Kate Chopin, for example, is a choppy, high-pitched mess.
    Also, will you please consider reading the story “The Legend of St. Julian the Hospitaller,” by Flaubert? I think you could do it an immense justice. Thank you.

  2. “no longer working” isn’t the case, rather it’s “revealing the diy grit of podcasting’s early days.” miette’s kate chopin has always sounded like that, and it’s been working for a few years now.

  3. Hmm. Well it seems I simply had to download this one to get it to play properly. I assure you, I know the difference between lesser audio quality, and something that’s really not playing properly for me, though the problem in making it work correctly is clearly my own fault.

  4. You know you’re getting old when the New Yorker stumbles onto the best web sites before you do. Who are you, Miette? I’ve been listening for hours and I want to know more.

  5. @m.clark … heh … i have a soft spot for miette’s truly *horrendous* sound quality from the early days, with that barking robot/noise cleaner, but i wouldn’t be surprised if someone thought it was broken. anyway, glad you got it working….;-)

  6. You know, years ago, when I was just a baby really, reading stories through a megaphone across an empty baseball arena into a handheld cassette player, I thought: Well, this sounds pretty good, all-told.

    And incrementally I upgraded my setup and learnt a few things, and all was well and I have big cushy headphones and an old-timey microphone that really suits me, and devices with knobs. You know, pro.

    And while nobody’s spot is softer than mine for those shoebox days, if there’s a specific story that you’d love to hear but whose sound quality is utterly intolerable… well, let me know which, and I might be persuaded to read it again, just for you. I’d never erase the old, but I’m all for in-with-new.

    M. Clark… on some of those older ones, you might try to download the mp3 rather than using the FancyPants Inpage Player. And I love St. Julian, and would love to read it, but it’s Mighty Mighty Lengthy… you really think you’d be able to listen straight through?

    — Mtte.

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