The Pool of the Stone God

For those of you who will not be spending the weekend dressed scandalously and behaving just as badly, or scaring young children, or throwing personal hygiene product in the trees of your enemies, here’s a quick little bit of badinage to keep you in the mood.

Note: includes an outburst of wicked laughter. You’re welcome.

4 thoughts on “The Pool of the Stone God”

  1. Halloween

    When all is dark
    And still of night
    Don’t look behind you
    You may get fright

    Someone may take you away
    Hide you in the dark and stay
    Away from all the eyes that see
    Come away away and see

    To a place that’s dark below
    Where still waters never flow
    Be taken far away and meet
    And it will give you
    Trick or Treat

    a big thank you for your time Miette.

  2. hygien products in the trees
    bloody rags of crimson leaves
    children creeping in their masks
    maidens drowned in wine-filled casks
    stories told on all hallows eve
    bosoms sag before they heave
    poems writ on the internet
    ephemeral, but don’t forget
    the gift of occasional lines of verse
    carry within a hidden curse
    remember me!

  3. There once was a girl named Miette
    Like “crumb” in French, I guess
    I knew that the voice
    So balanced and poised
    Was from the girl that I’ve never met

  4. Sorry I didn’t keep with the theme, I can only write limericks. (I didn’t say I can only write limericks well, I can just only write them period.) But here try this one for Halloween themed –
    There once was a day called Allhallowmas
    When Celts would scare away demons and brats
    But now all we do
    Is dress up and drink booze
    And forget our honorable past

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