A Mother

Much love from my hidey-hole, where I spent the bedtime hours in recitation from the beginning of Ulysses in celebration of the hour at hand. But elas, my audience of one was sound asleep by mention of the snotgreen sea.

My own sinus was breaking waves with the same, as it often is these days, but thanks to the magic of audio editing, it is my hope that the sinusital intonations aren’t noticed much. (If one of the many sharp and violent nasal aspirations or other gaggery have sneaked into this recording, please alert me privately? Please?)

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3 thoughts on “A Mother”

  1. THANK YOU FOR ANOTHER STORY! I’ve missed you and your voice. Please read more. You really help me relax, get my mind off issues, and sleep.

  2. Missed you this Bloomsday, Miette! Perhaps The Dead, someday? I’d definitely contribute to a crowd fund for that.

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