Kharms, Daniil

Fedya Davidovich

HEY, Internet, I want to tell you all about Earideas.

Wow, that sounded a little snake-oily- let me try that again:

Step right up folks and have a look at the one, the only, the world’s finest, most discriminating, most hyperventilating-inducing collection of the web’s best audio content: Earideas.

There, that’s a little less in your shopping cart of the internet sell-out mall. And I won’t even mention that Miette’s Bedtime Story Podcast is included in the Earideas directory of the internet’s best audio content (Are you surprised, really?), although I guess it’s too late.

The real reason I want to tell you about Earideas is because I’ve been challenged. I’m supposed to find “The Five Best Podcasts I Know,” and while I do -know- of five other podcasts, it strikes me that -you- probably have the internet a little better tapped than I do.

So, uh, anybody know any good podcasts, other than this one? You can share them with me through the comments or by email to miette (at) this domain. And I won’t be offended, and assume that whatever you send is your Number 2 pick. Right?

Or, you can go straight to Earideas and tell them yourself.

And in exchange, I’ll give you a story. A good one.



At times, this little podcast of ours is thought of not unlike a nice helping of ice milk– not bad for you, tasty even, in the right circumstances, but of questionable nutritional value. Not harmful, necessarily, but nothing that might be considered Useful For You. At then sometimes, someone will say otherwise, and that’s not bad, usefulness.

That said, for the most part, what we have here may or may not be available online, as they are plucked at whimsy from Miette’s Own Library, but for those who find Usefulness in reading along, sometimes you can. By request, some hot Saki.

Zoshchenko, Mikhail

The Westinghouse Brake

Plenty of you (because I’m supposing you’re all geniuses) are aware of the arguably unattributable (King Solomon? Buddha? Lincoln? Miette?) aphorism, idiom, and, notably, universally applicable phrase “This Too Shall Pass.” Well, it’s been an unannounced mission for years to find another cluster of words of universal applicability and universal truth. And today, on a walk, I spotted a shop whose name is:

Everything 99 Cents or Less… And Up.

And with that, one more of life’s little desires is ticked off the to-do. And for our next trick, Soviet Social Satire!

Ilf and Petrov

On a Grand Scale

So, Ilf and Petrov met while working on a newspaper for railway workers, which is intriguing to me. For starters, where’s the podcastresses’ newspaper, and why have I not been invited to participate? My life’s literary collaborator could be waiting there, slinging the pen on the audio-coding equivalent to pieces on socialism and coal hauling, and if he or she is really someone destined to be -my- partner in literary fiendishness, well, better hurry cause Yr Miette is become quite skilled, multiple personalitily speaking. Maybe it’s just that I’m pretty sure I’d feel right at home in pre-war Soviet Russia. And, ehh, I don’t mean that in any sort of nationalistic way. I mean, if Ilf and Petrov managed…

Gissing, George

The Little Woman From Lancashire

In my ongoing efforts to impress upon you my unparalleled prowess at podCASTrophilia, I’ve spent the evening downloading all these applications that allow one to do things like “Normalise” and “Reduce Peak” and “Remove Hiss” and “Shift Frequency,” all of which I, with my many skills, understand perfectly well and can do with ease, while sipping tea with one hand and scratching my head in the other. Not that I suffer from lice or confusion or anything else that might make me want to scratch my head. Sometimes it just feels good, is all.

So I downloaded all these applications, and normalised and reduced peak and removed hiss, but didn’t shift frequency by much because the the pitch was just right (do I SOUND like I know what I’m talking about?), and it sounded really lovely and clean and you could -barely- hear the bus go by, but then went to save and realised it was all just a save-disabled demo dream. Elas. Another time perhaps; no sense delaying bedtime or a story for it. Sweet dreams.