The Scarlet Ibis (Unabridged)

I know the great controvery of the Scarlet Ibis has bothered you, and I confess to great shame at using this controversy to draw attention away from the various corporate scandals, celebrity affairs, and political horrors that are sucking the steam off the almost pervasive media coverage known to some as HurstGate.

And so, here is what I hope is the full-length, uncut, unexpurgated, absolute, and intact version of the Scarlet Ibis. I hope. It may take Mr. Hurst himself to convince me otherwise, but enjoy!

23 thoughts on “The Scarlet Ibis (Unabridged)”

  1. The only trouble is that I had to keep rewinding to actually listen to the words, rather than just the rhythm.

  2. It was good but,
    i would read a little faster and change your voices.
    and i dont like the sound of your voice so i wouldnt take this as a career. fyi.

  3. Yow! You’re getting some great responses! It’s been a while since I’ve been here.
    That last post was awesome. You voice is amazing.
    Don’t worry, Miette. Not all of the guys who are head over heels in love with you are crazy.
    Most of us are just rather lame and harmless.

    Go Obama.


  4. I think this story is amazing and you have a wonderful reading voice, and really can into charcter. Keep it up!

  5. i had to read this for english and the stories we read are very high vobaulary so looked online for an audion of this story and your audio really helped(:
    this is a sad story poor dooddle:/

  6. Miette, I realize that some of the comments you have been receiving recently are less than polite, but take heart, only the great are ever criticized so heavily. just no that for every immature ingrate (look above for example) there are ten adoring fans whose world you light up when your voice hits the airwaves.

  7. And you, “Micheal”, don’t seem to even know how to spell your own first name.

    Or how to appreciate genius when you see it in front of your face.

    Miette, whatever would we do without you? Just came over for the new story (though I listen almost every night anyway), saw the ripples over this way and am now listening to this story now. Beautiful, entrancing… Now I need to decide which one story I’ll listen to – the one I (was) listening to, or the one I’m hooked on now!

  8. Lovelies! I would have trashed Micheal’s comment if I really found it threatening or took offence. We’re all entitled to our opinions… just as we’re all entitled to choose which opinions to listen to.

    Clare, Jake, I quite like yours!

    xo and felix sit annus novus….

  9. miette for a young want-to-be auther like myself. it was very easy for me to hear and follow the story of the scarlet ibis. it was all so amazing the way you read the story. it was a great story and with your voice it just made it so much better. and your website! very easy to find things along with ever thing else. so thank you for this great gift of story you have brout to my ears. it was beautiful!
    -thank you miette from your adouring fan josh peck.

  10. its my first time here and this story was boring wen i read it but listening to you read helped me to finish the story for my hw assignment your reading voice is wonderful so into character i hope to visit this website again catcha later

  11. Hi there. This is the same Denise who requested this story nearly 11 years ago. I came back, listened again, and cried again. It’s a beautiful story, beautifully read, and I am still so grateful for the time spent on this one story to get it right and give it its full justice. Very nice of you and it’s one of my most favorite treasures of the internet. I am glad to see you’re still at it. I’ve got a lot of catching up to do. Thank you kindly indeed.

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